Leaving Cranleigh, Leaving Home

My beautiful home in Cranleigh

I have realised that home is no longer a physical place – but a deep inner understanding that I am whole, I am present, I am complete wherever I am! And so home is within me.

On the 31st of August 2019 I closed the door for the last time on the house I had called home for 19 years. Cranleigh, Surrey was where my husband Jeremy and I had moved to from Guildford in 2000 – excited about a life together and where we lived for 16 years before he passed away.

But for the last three years I have been trying to live my old life – and that is not possible because the person who made this place home for me is no longer here. I cannot recreate my old life without Jeremy.  And so, it is time to move forward – make new memories, in new places, with new people. And so, after 23 years I leave Surrey – the place I have lived in all my adult life – and I am so very sad to have had to say goodbye to the place that has given me so many beautiful memories, wonderful friendships and the chance to teach dance and mindfulness as a career and most importantly… the place that gave me my true love and the soulmate of my life.

But the memories I take from Cranleigh – both from my professional and personal lives will remain with me for the rest of my days.

Who would have thought that a young 21-year-old Indian girl fresh off the Boeing from Kenya would come to Surrey, meet a charming, beautiful English gentleman – the love of her life – teach Bollywood dance in a quintessential Surrey village, Jhoom her way around the UK and make human connections that have come to mean more to her than many of her blood relatives. And it is these connections that I will hold dear in my heart – because that is what life is about – human connection and personal encounters – which even in their transience can be truly magical.

The people who I call my friends in Cranleigh have seen me through some of my happiest times, and definitely through my darkest times. I want to thank them for sharing those times with me – for their unquestioning support and love – my friends, my Jhoomers, my colleagues – you are my family – and for that I will be forever grateful.

For me, Cranleigh is where I truly began to feel part of a community, and it is this community, the people that have been part of my life for 19 years that I will miss the most. And so to each and everyone of you – Thank You. You each know who you are and what you have meant to me and Jeremy.

Jeremy and I had always planned to leave Cranleigh and move to Kenya and from there do a lot of travelling together. So, in a way I am doing what we had planned to do, but now I am travelling on my own. But I don’t feel alone because although Jeremy is not physically with me he is with me in spirit, in my memories and in my heart. And that is something that no one can take away from me, and so he is Always With Me.

So where will my new home be? Well, home is wherever I will be! As I begin to travel around the world I will make my home wherever I feel comfortable to be. At 44 I have realised that home is no longer a physical place but rather a deep inner understanding that I am whole, I am present, I am complete wherever I am! And so home is within me.

And so it is to new pastures that I begin to venture. And it is through this blog that you will know where in the world I am. I will be sharing stories of my travels – about the people I meet, the cultures I experience, the food I eat and the adventures I embark on.

Please do keep tabs of where I am in the world and if you ever want to visit me wherever I am – you can be sure of a warm welcome, a tight hug and a cold glass of Prosecco.

I believe that the purpose of our lives is simple. It is to be happy. And so, this is what this blog is about – embarking on a journey of physical, mental and spiritual happiness. I hope you will join me on this journey too.


The Jhooming Nomad

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