Collect Memories Not Things

Collect Memories Not Things

I’ve always travelled to London from Surrey usually by train and mostly for work. Jeremy and I would occasionally travel up to see a show or meet with friends/family.

But, it wasn’t our first choice when planning to spend time together. Because we had both worked in London we always associated it with stress, noise, busyness. We were definitely more comfortable with the country lifestyle and after spending a day in London we were always grateful to be heading back to our Cranleigh oasis.

So, it might seem odd to you that when I decided to leave Surrey the first place I wanted to stopover for a short while was London. I decided that London would be the base from which I would travel to the different parts of the world. But, I also wanted to take time to explore London and really relish in all that it has to offer.

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My London bedroom

And so, after some negotiation with my extended family, I found myself staying with my cousin brother Bharat in our uncle’s flat in North London.

And two weeks in, the small room that I have moved into has become my sanctuary as I adjust to the fact that I have left the calm, peace and solitude of my beautiful four-bedroom Surrey home for… well for whatever life is going to throw my way!

To make this move I realised that I needed to get rid of a lot of stuff! Stuff from the house, stuff I was holding onto, work stuff… stuff, stuff, stuff. And so over the months of July and August I did just that – decluttered! I gave things away to people who wanted it, I took things to the recycling centre, I threw things away and I packed and stored a few things that meant something to me and Jeremy. All in all I got rid of about 3/4 of my stuff! And to London I brought clothes, shoes, books and electronic items that I felt I would need over the next 3 years.

Getting rid of things can be hugely cathartic and liberating. It is also really surprising how little one needs to live on a day to day basis. And, to give things to people who you know will use them is really rewarding.

Now that I am learning to live with less, what I mustn’t do on my travels is to buy things for the sake of buying! And so as I travel, my motto will be “Collect Memories Not Things”

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