Bucket Lists

My Bucket List…?

I often hear people say “Oh that’s on my Bucket List” for things they want to see or do. I’ve never really had a Bucket List. I have always just wanted to travel to new places and experience new cultures and eat different foods whilst connecting with people.

But, I feel that I need to have some sort of plan of how I want to spend the next three years – but at the same time I don’t want to plan too much. I want to give myself the time and space to just be, to wait and to listen to what the universe is saying and where it is inviting me to go next.

So, I’m in a bit of a quandry. Do I make a Bucket List? Or don’t I?

One of the things I know about me is that I do need a focus for the next few years of travel. I am not the type of person just to travel for the sake of travel – to visit a place, do all the touristy things and then leave. No – I need more than that. So, I have decided to focus on a couple of things…

  • I will be writing about women who inspire me around the globe. If I meet a woman who is doing something amazing and inspiring and I want to tell her story – I will. I will feature strong, resilient, empowered women who against all odds will find a way to make a difference. Women who are survivors. Women who are fighters. Women who do not give up when it gets tough.
  • I will be writing about the plight of widows around the world – especially in societies where they are ostracised and stigmatised. I know how tough widowhood is – but to then face all the other issues from loss of home, children and livelihood, as well as emotional, physical and sexual abuse is truly devastating. The world needs to wake up and hear the stories of some of the most vulnerable, unseen and unheard group of women. And I will be telling some of these stories. I am fortunate to be working with The Loomba Foundation . More about this soon…

So now I have a focus for my travels. Which puts me in my happy place!!

So back to my Bucket List. Do I make one? Do I need one? Do I list all the places I do want to visit – like Machu Pichu, Petra and Niagara Falls… all the things I do want to do like sky-dive, walk on hot coals, climb Mount Kenya… Or do I just go with the flow?

The jury is still out!

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