My Jhoom Fix

Dance is part of me.

And one of the things I really worried about when leaving Cranleigh was how I was going to make sure I carried on dancing after I had left.

Luckily, the festival of Navaratri came at just the right time for me to get my Jhoom fix! And in the process I got the opportunity to dress up (I wore a sari for the first time in nearly 20 years), I danced with family and made new friends and reacquainted myself with old ones.

But Navaratri is over now – and the challenge is how to continue to keep dancing…

Next week I am off to Sri Lanka – perhaps I can see if I can learn some Sri Lankan dancing whilst out there… and as it is Diwali whilst I am on the trip – I am sure I will get a chance to teach some people some Jhoom moves…

Here’s hoping!

How do you keep dance in your life? How do you get your Jhoom fix? Any ideas welcome…


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