Packing for Sri Lanka

I normally travel with at least two big suitcases, sometimes three, and the kitchen sink.

So, when I was told that I could only take a small duffel bag and/or small rucksack for my trip to Sri Lanka, my heart sank.

Now, I wasn’t expecting to travel with my usual amount of luggage – but I had hoped to travel with more than just a couple of small bags. But, there is a reason for this luggage restriction. You see, I am travelling to Sri Lanka with a group of around 16 people – and we are going to be driving tuk-tuks around the country. And, as most of you probably know – tuk-tuks (also known as rickshaws) are small and don’t have the space that most of us are used to in normal cars.

So my two/three large suitcases and the kitchen sink have to stay behind – and I am embracing the challenge of packing light – or at least as light as I am prepared to go!


In this first clip see the backpack and duffel bag I decided on – and the revolutionary PacSafe.

Click on any images above for details of where I bought all these bags.


Watch this clip to see me packing my main backpack with all my clothes and a smaller rucksack that I will use as a day bag. Look out for the all important travel cubes!

Click on the images above for details of where I bought the day rucksack…and the amazing travel cubes.


Click on the images for details of where I bought various travel products that will make my life easier!

cheat packing

In this third video I explain how I pack all the saris and bits and bobs I need to pimp the tuk-tuk. I use a large, foldable duffel bag.

Click on the image above for details of where I got this amazing, roomy, versatile duffel bag.

as an aside…

If you would like information on any other products mentioned in this blogpost – please do message me.


  1. Looking forward to your blog. Looking st your products. I would love to be at th he airport for your check in. Will be there in spirit …


  2. Well done. I had a chuckle at how much you’re taking but somehow you cleverly got it all well organised. I think I will buy the product with all the different sized zipped bags.
    You’ll soon be on your travels. Soooooooo pleased for you. Much love. xx


    • I know! Everyone keeps saying how much I have taken – but that’s light for me… and actually everything fits in the tuktuk perfectly!
      Thanks so much for your kind words….already in Sri Lanka and loving it!


  3. Just to say that 9 of us from JJ attended a Contemporary Indian Dance Workshop by Sarra yesterday. Loved it. Looking forward to one in November and December and maybe more (weekly?) next year. So we are getting our dance fix.


  4. What a packing😮. I appreciate your organizing knowladge.😮 As a foreigner you gave me an example how when using tuk tuk(three wheeler) for my journeys because i am also sri lankan 🇱🇰 😊


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