Food Glorious Food in Kenya

I have been eating sooooo much since coming to Kenya. My mum and aunt have been cooking up a storm for me – and I’ve eaten out a lot too. And I’m loving it!

Take a look at this clip showing some of the yummy things I’ve been eating since I’ve been in Kenya.

This morning I woke up and my aunt (whom I call Mum in the videoclip below – just to confuse you!) – was experimenting with a new recipe she created – Avocado Thepla. Take a look at the clip for the recipe and method to make this delicious chapatti!


1 small, ripe avocado
1 cup flour
Chopped green chilli
Chopped coriander
1 tbp oil
3 tbp plain yoghurt
The reason we don’t give quantities for most of the ingredients above is that you can use as much or as little as you like depending on what flavours you like…just experiment!

I recommend the skillet below from Amazon – for making the best chapattis! Just click on the image for more details.


Produced in partnership with Sunripe Kenya Ltd.


  1. Oh I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEED your video Shalini. You’re a natural and I love what you’re sharing with us. You look younger and so so light and free dear friend. Brings a tear to my eye to think of this wonderful adventure you’re on xxxxx

    Best wishes,


    Jo Ferrone | Founder How DOES she do it?! SUPPORT | ENCOURAGE | INSPIRE

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jo

      Thanks so much for your lovely message – so glad you enjoyed the video.

      Yes – am having a blast – my family and friends are keeping me busy.

      I really need to do some work soon….all in good time!

      Hope you are all well…sending you much love as always!



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